By All Means Necessary: In Reto Pulfer's work music and language are elements contributing to an atmosphere created to establish a connection with his audience by erasing the comfort zone between viewer and artwork. Early-dada free-form structures and technical versatility converge with the artist's desire to fully exploit art's infinite possibilities of expression and communication. By putting himself through a physical avalanche, banging his guitar and shouting, integrating the sound of falling sculptures with the one of his music and the words of his drawings with the ones he sings, Pulfer's performances move on the fine line between conscious and subconscious, generating a sense of immediacy that makes them a unique experience. -Michele Robecchi

Mousse Maganzine Interview, 2009

Article by Barbara Casavecchia, Frieze d/e 2011-2012

Flash Art Interview, 2010

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A Generic Square-Line System Trouser by Francesco Pedraglio

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