Nettles and Stars

Reto Pulfer, Antares-Mulde LS (Star-Rise Alignment), 2017 - Centre national des arts plastiques.

Hapaxanther Todeszustand, 2020. Mallow seeds and drawing on wood of seedlings and weeds

Gina Protagonistinnen (Chilli, Ortie, Tee, Farn, Kapsel)
[The Female Protagonists of Gina (Chilli, Nettle, Tea, Fern, Cardamom)], 2017.
Acrylic, pencil on cotton, linen, 38 x 37 cm

Tincti, 2019. Installation view Art Statements, Basel. Museum der Kulturen, Basel. Foto Gina Folly. Plant dyed cotton and used polyester curatain fabric

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