Theaceae is the name of the tea plant family.
Theazea is the name of the insect tea master in my novel

Der gute Tee [The Good Tea], 2017. Acrylic, tea, pencil on cotton, 33 x 23 cm

Tea ware by Reto Pulfer

Stoneware, Shino and Tenmoku Glaze.
The pots are inspired by traditional japanese houhin tea pots.
Teaware crafted at Oficinas da ceramica e da Terra, Montemor-o-Novo; supported by Forum Eugenio de Almeida, Evora, Portugal. Photo by Diogo Caetano

The Matcha bowls are inspired by traditional chawan shapes.

Ying-Le from Thirsty Moon serving special handcrafted tea in my white and deep blue Raku ceramic tea cups. Performance inside my installation at Fiac, Paris, 2015.

Eisklares Echo (Mia von Matt / Reto Pulfer) performing music and Thirsty Moon (Ying Le / Paul Sochacki) serving tea inside Die Treffen des Platzes [The Encounters of Place], 2013-2014, of the installation Dehydrierte Landschaft des Zustands, 2007-2015, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2015.

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