Nettles and Stars.
Venture Outdoors.
Plants are Living Beings.
Making art with Plants means to Embrace Change.
Observe those Moving Celestial Bodies! The Sun is just another Star!

Reto Pulfer, Antares-Mulde LS (Star-Rise Alignment), 2017 - Centre national des arts plastiques.

Foraged wild parsnip seeds in an installation at Kunstmuseum Olten, 2018

Gina Protagonistinnen (Chilli, Ortie, Tee, Farn, Kapsel)
[The Female Protagonists of Gina (Chilli, Nettle, Tea, Fern, Cardamom)], 2017.
Acrylic, pencil on cotton, linen, 38 x 37 cm

Nachtfarn [Night Fern], 2017. Acrylic, tea, pencil on bed sheet, 22 x 18 cm

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